the music of the heart

My friend Nico grew up in a conservatory because his father worked there as a janitor. As a child, among that multitude of sounds, he tried to find one that represented his soul. He could have chosen any instrument but he was drawn to the piano and the violin.
In time, it was the instrument to choose him. And so, he became a great violinist. Any time that we talk about his music, inevitably he tells me that the greatest openness for a musician is to find the sound of his soul, while the greatest closure is not being able to express himself; not being able to communicate what he is experiencing to the world through the power of sound.
The impediments in life stop us from weeping or screaming, breathing or sighing. We all have a duty toward this earth to Search for the music of the heart. Because this is our Earth and what would we be if we did not try to improve it?

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