the Poet

To eyes like ours, this world appears broken, fragmented in a myriad of separate manifestations, one from the other.
Only the Poet can see the indescribable presence that holds everything together. Many names have been given to this presence going back to Vedic times. It was identified with the word (sound), the light and consciousness. But independently of the title that it was given, the only one who has had access to its experience from the beginning was the visionary, the prophet, he who can welcome within the Self the mystery and understand its profound language.
It was the Poet, with his capacity to hear the unique sound inside the different names, who was able to narrate the truth that holds all things together.

One thought on “the Poet

  1. Dear Andrea,

    Buongiorno! My name is Sarah Shellow and I am a writer and a yoga teacher trained through Anusara years ago in Santa Fe, NM by Noah Maze and Naime Jezzeny. I am more steeped in Rod Stryker’s work now as well. I am a friend of Marc Holzman’s and I saw his post about you on his facebook page.

    I love this blog entry about being a poet in the world. I write and teach writing and my yoga and mindfulness practices have always supported me in going to the difficult places and being able to hold disparate feelings in my heart at the same time.

    I am about to teach a writing and mindfulness program to the staff at The Holistic Life Foundation here in Baltimore. This group inspires me so much with how they go into the most hurting parts of this city and bring love.

    I am wondering if you ever do workshops or trainings in the United States? I am also wondering if you do writing and meditation workshops. Though I have a practice myself (my teacher is Paul Muller-Ortega), I am so interested in interfacing with other meditators who write and learning more about the mysterious process of capturing the soul on the page. And doing so in community! I am so enjoying reading your wise blog full of gems.

    Warmest wishes,


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