Proposed courses:

Getting closer to meditation to love it

Seminar on Meditation

Meditation is a natural state of the mind. The practices we learn are used to make the experience more regular and repeatable, practicing to seize and nurture that state of mind. Many ancient Indian scholars have asked themselves if there are tools to regain harmony of life, which by its nature is unstable. And the answer has been mysteriously the same: the key to knowing life is found in knowing the various levels of our mind, to the very source of every thought or emotion.

In this seminar we will approach the practice of meditation as we would a love relationship: gradually, with enthusiasm and trying to face the obstacles that we might find. The aim is to understand the mechanisms that stop us from quieting the mind and stop us from responding as we would like to daily challenges. The space within teaches us to live with awareness.

From 1 to 3 days (Min. 6 / Max 18 hours)

How to remain whole when the word falls apart

Alignment Practices for Students of the Heart

The American writer Margaret Simpson says that to grow, it is important to go forward never losing site of the goal. Often though the goal moves, changes or hides as we try to keep it visible in our viewfinder.

How is it possible to establish our place in the world? And more importantly, are there practices that will allow us to understand it with more clarity? We all know that human beings are a mass of differing features which are in contrast one with the other.

The seminar will focus on investigating the five kosha, the layers that envelop our deepest identity. To know and experiment each of these bodies through hatha yoga, studying and meditation, will allow us to create a bridge toward a higher vision of ourselves and will open us to the beatitude characterize our lives.

Structure: Morning – Master class of Anusara Yoga

Afternoon – Study and experiential laboratory.

Master Class

Theme – Your Symphony is Pure Enthusiasm. Live it!

Like a musician places his/her hands on his/her instrument with ability and self-confidence, so a thoughtful physical alignment allows the strength of the heart to express itself with enthusiasm. The boundaries soften and we can open ourselves to the vast power that is around us. This master class is dedicated to the opening of the heart through the study of backward bends, which allow us to open our heart fully to all that the universe has in store for us, remaining grounded, strong and able to react. Duration 165/180 min.

Theme – Let Yourself be Conquered by the Music of the Heart.

Recovering the roots of the body and creating security in the continuous fluctuation of life while liberally playing our song. Through stability, sensibility and listening, the heart opens to the world of all the possibilities in free creative expression. This master class is dedicated to recovering our foundation, studying the points of strength that allow for a natural alignment with life. Duration: 165/180 min.

Theme – Memory and Forgiveness.

Memory of the past frequently brings with it the refusal to forgive. The more we try to forgive – using philosophical or religious tools we know – the more we realize that there is a difference between the will to do it and an act that is really effective. From the biological stand point, substituting negative thoughts with positive ones or rationalizing pain enacting a voluntary choice are both actions done through the frontal part of the brain, the cerebral cortex, which is the seat of rational thought. Emotional reactions to pain, stress and trauma on the other hand, are stored in the limbic system of the brain, where the most intimate emotional models are accumulated. And many of these are activated in the body, way beyond our will, perhaps due to a wrong word or an uncaring look on the part of someone else. Changing models therefore calls for more than a choice or a practice. An intervention born from the deepest place is necessary. This Master class is dedicated to the silence of the body, refining the use of the breath, twists and forward bends. Duration:165/180 min.

Theme – Light and Shadow.

Opening one’s awareness to the maternal and welcoming aspect of life allows one to abandon identifying with the limiting experience of ourselves and to live in the world of all possibilities. In this lesson, the relationship with our most intimate self is represented by the five elements at the base of material creation; specifically, the way in which we establish roots on the ground. In Anusara Yoga the thoughtful perception of the foundations represents a model for taking root in the experience of one’s strength. When the base of the index finger leaves the floor, we lose our attention. For an instant, the relationship with experience is obscured and habit prevails over awareness and strength. At the symbolic level, the internal attention gives way to the mask. The master class is dedicated to observing the models that we unconsciously act out and how to overcome them through a new level of awareness of the body. Duration: 165/180 min.

Theme – Playing with Uncertainty.

The great sage Utpaladeva describes the reality in which we live as a myriad of minuscule light particles which continuously come together and come apart, in a way that is always harmonious. Each human being, animal, living thing and inanimate object is an expression of this harmony and therefore worthy of the highest consideration. Regaining respect for ourselves and toward the universe that surrounds us is not only a sign of civility, but it helps us make peace with the disharmony we live every day. We know ourselves by observing life dancing in all its forms, like a sublime metamorphosis which takes us away from all certainty. This master class teaches us to find harmony in uncertainty, studying arm balance poses. The choice to nurture the strength of the heart helps us to face the challenges of our life. Duration: 120/165 min.

Theme: Neither too Tense nor too Soft.

A disabled dancer once wrote that the sweetest expression is the one that is light, that starts from the heart and the soul and flows in the movement of the body. Dance is not a combination of steps, but rather a form of beauty that comes from the heart and that suddenly materializes and becomes desire and then need. In each of us there is the urgency to express something that will last for a long time and will leave a trace behind us. It is the impulse to declare that in life we have a desire for harmony, justice and beauty and that for each of these we are willing to courageously put ourselves on the line. In Anusara Yoga commitment and rigor go together with kindness and honesty of the heart. In this Master class we will learn to open to the new, looking toward horizons we might have never recognized. We will dedicate the practice to backward bends, with the intention of manifesting the need of expression which lets us feel free artists of our lives. Duration: 120 min.

Teacher Training di Anusara®Yoga

The Anusara®Yoga ( Teacher Training is considered one of the best training programs in the world for hatha yoga instructors. It develops the participant’s own potentials and knowledge while confidently guiding students through the experience of the transformative power of this marvelous discipline.
The 100 hours course includes:

• How to teach the essential elements of an Anusara Yoga class, including the themes of the heart and the Universal Principles of Alignment.
• The art of teaching hatha yoga, basic instructions for the asanas, the ability to observe, verbal instructions and physical fine-tuning, the power of demonstrations.
• The fundamentals and instructions for breathing in the asanas, in pranayama and in meditation.
• Practice of teaching in pairs, in small groups and larger groups with feedback from certified instructors.
Note: To participate it is necessary to have completed 100 hours of Anusara Immersion. The Anusara Teacher Training is a prerequisite necessary to apply to become an Anusara Inspired teacher and to enroll in the Anusara certification program.