Balancing action

When we place our feet on the yoga mat or we sit for meditation an exchange between the external world and the internal world begins. The dynamic movement of the body, guided by the breath and the inward attention, gradually transforms into a concert of the tactile senses which involve not only the parts of the body that touch the ground, but all of our psychic senses, favoring a degree of enthusiasm and trust in life. It is a strange mechanism, almost miraculous, that in hatha yoga is called “balancing action”, that is, the integrating dynamic between the conscious use of the muscles and the free expansion of the body. This action reflects the natural dynamism which is present in nature.

The effort used in the asana practice serves to resist the tendency of the mind to wonder and the body to collapse because a great deal of strength and resistance is needed to maintain an energetic action simultaneously in the various parts. When this alchemy is achieved, the body remembers it and wants to recreate it.

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